Saturday, March 27, 2010

Still A Braidlocker?? I Say, Yes!

So as we all know, I started my locs with braids in October of last year. As you also may know, I have a lot of textures in mt hair ranging from nearly straight (no clue why) to deep waves/loose curl, to very tight "nappy" curls. I love them all dearly but my heart has more love for the tight naps, and even the deep waves/loose curls because those area are clearly doing their thing on this locking journey!

Those are the areas where I've seen all the changes (fuzz balls, buds, rotation, and even practically mature-looking locs). Those spots are my edges on the sides(tight naps) and the back/middle, basically the back half of my head(deep waves/loose curls).

Now about the top. This hair is pretty straight and it gets straighter as you get closer to the hairline. I was checking out my hair a couple weeks ago and noticed that there was little visible change in these braids. As a matter of fact I could still see the spaces in the braid where the hair was weaves in and out! The only place that looked different from almost 6 months ago was the root where I'd been retightening. I got mad!

So, I took down the majority of the braids in the front down to the latched roots and redid them as loose twists. Some were so loose they looked like little afros! (those ones I latched in a few spots to keep the loc shape.

I have to say, I am MUCH happier with them now. The look more loc-like in 2 weeks twisted than they did in 5+ months braided.

So I got some twisted braidlocks now! lol

Bring on the pix!


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