Saturday, June 26, 2010

Diet and Exercise

I had an epiphany yesterday!

It JUST occurred to me why so many different diets exist all claiming to be the next miracle diet.

I mean there is the obvious, money making portion of it. I have no doubt that, that's a huge part of the reason but it also comes down to the fact that everyone is different.

I have been doing P90X for six weeks now and I've noticed that I get more visible results when I do the cardio workouts rather than the weight training.

I decided to do some research on body typing and meeting the requirements of each body type early this past week.

After reading, and re-reading, and reading some more I discovered that I am a gynaeoid body type. I read some further and more and more I saw myself in the descriptions, right down to the types of foods I crave!

So for the rest of the week I followed the dietary suggestions and maxed out my cardio workouts. I also added serious stretching and pilates and I can actually SEE a physical difference. My midsection is leaner, I feel lighter, and I have more energy.

I'm sticking with this! My goal was for the end of July to have the body I know is underneath all that flubber. Now I see that it's more than just a possibility, it's a likelihood. AMEN!

I'm bringing sexy back y'all!

Thanks for reading!


Knowing my hair texture I expected that my ends would forever be open with curls. Recently I came to discover that it might not be the case for my whole head.

I have at least one row of sealed ends! Wow! I wonder what the rest of my head is gonna do.

Those ones are the oldest ones on my head. They're the second to last row in the back. Many have unraveled and been restarted. Others I undid and redid as twists (if you recall) but that row was completely left alone. And in their 9th month they are done (kinda) wow.

Hold your applause!


Thanks for reading!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Braids No More!

Super excited!

As you all know.. I'm a braidlocker and I'm SOOOOOOOOO happy to say that the braids are gone!

I retwisted a few and those look slightly twist-like but the braids are gone, and I'm 8 months into my journey (june 12th aka tomorrow).

I just felt like sharing with all my locked brethren.

I posted pix on my fotki so if you wanna, come check me out! The link is on the left panel

<-------------that way..

I've been waiting a long time for this day!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Go 'Head Be Gone Wid It!

lol.. I'm gonna run out of Sexyback lines soon.

So, I'm finished phase one of P90X. I took pictures before and after and I really DO see a difference! I couldn't stop looking at them! It's great.

I've been wearing a lot of baggy shirts and stuff lately because I want to do a big unveiling afterwards but I see the changes. No one else needs to yet.

I'm really beginning to love my new body.

Imma get my sexy on y'all!