Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Product List...

Had to reformulate:

-Water + Peppermint EO spritz

-Liquid Glycerin Soap

That's all!


That was difficult

It's a relief at the same time too.. all I have to buy for the next two years is EO and glycerin soap! Pretty awesome!

My Ends!!!

My ends are matting! HA! I feel thick, fuzzy, masses of hair on my ends and silkier masses all down the lengths... I feel accomplished!

And the magic keeps coming...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I May Like This...

It's been a few days since I cut back on spritzing and I've noticed a difference. No more unraveling issues.

I've also been wrapping my hair at night since Sunday which has helped it look fresher in the mornings. That's great because the "slept on" look was the reason I spritzed and rinsed so often.

I got rid of my moisturizing shampoos which was hard! And even HARDER.. I've given up the conditioner! Oye.. that's hard to even type! lol. *sigh*

I fought it, I argued about it, I hummed and hawed, but I know I'll appreciate it when I see my 1st real bud.

Oh, random.. but I DID see a psudobud yesterday and just about scared my roommate to death! I was so excited! As I was playing with my hair I noticed a braid that wouldn't come undone because of matted hair at the end! HA! Triumph!

1 down.. a million to go!

Musings #2 : "Please don't lock your hair!"

So today I got my 1st negative comment with regards to my locking journey! I was sitting in class with a friend when she reached over, played with my hair a bit, then said, "Please don't dread, or lock, or whatever you call it!"

I was a little taken aback. Not that I didn't know she was opposed to me locking my hair, but I just didn't expect it right then. I laughed a little before asking but then said, "Why?"

Then she said, "Because that's what everyone's doing!"

Um.. pause... isn't that a good thing? I will admit that quite a few people have decided to lock lately, both male and female alike. But, is that suddenly a reason not to? If I were to get a perm she would have been satisfied I'm sure, even though FAR more women on campus have a perm!

Oh well, I felt a little honored to be honest. Not only will I rock my locks even harder now that I'm aware that some friends have a problem with it, (lol, rebel) I feel inducted into the fold. =P I'm "one of THOSE people" now. Ain't it grand??

Sunday, October 25, 2009


As a loose napp I LOVED wetting my hair. Water was the love of my life. Lately though I'm realizing that perhaps I shouldn't be wetting my hair daily. *sigh*

I'm seeing more unraveling than I'd like. I also think I'm spritzing too often. I'm only going to wet my hair when I wash it and cut back on my spritzing too.

Let me give it a try at spritzing once every two days.

Locking is about trial and error... So here goes...

2 Week Mark (well.. tomorrow) And Lovin It

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pleasant Surprise..

After the one conditioner rinse I did, I've noticed how much better my hair absorbs my spritz. Before, it felt more like it was sitting on top of my hair. Now it seems to soak it in. Its retaining more moisture now. Yay!

So I'll be using it again. Wash and conditioner rinse my hair once a week, then spritz daily.

It feels so good, I can't keep my hands out of it! Lol.

I should revamp my products list

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Did It!!!

Ok, so I did it. I conditioned. I diluted conditioner (Giovanni: Smooth As Silk) in a spray bottle and saturated my hair with it. Then I rinsed it off in the shower. I HAD to! My hair was way more dry than necessary.

The reasons I'd read for not using conditioner were all related to build-up and unraveling. I have braids so there's little risk of unraveling and I diluted it (a LOT) and rinsed thoroughly. I'm not terribly worried about build-up, plus there are ways to combat it if need be.

Nevertheless.. my hair feels GREAT now. lol. SOOOO much softer, no brillo-pad ends for me.

I don't think I'll do this too often, just in case.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

1st Wash

So yesterday morning I did my 1st wash post-installation. I was happy when I did it (cuz it felt clean), but today not so much. My hair feels SUPER dry! I'm gonna have to figure something out here with moisture retention for this winter.. hmm.. I might dilute some conditioner in a spray bottle and try that.. I'll just spray it in before my next shower and rinse thoroughly.. we'll see..

Musings #1

What have I noticed thus far? My hair doesn't lay down as it used to. Conditioner and shea butter used to make it lay down. It defies gravity. Anyone else notice this happen?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Raxxiloxx : Fotki Page... come check me out!

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Starter Products

Ok, so what am I using to do this?

Shampoo and spritz (that's it)

Shampoo: Giovanni Smooth as Silk - for now I'll stick with that, mostly to finish the bottle. Its a pretty good shampoo (not my favorite from the line), and it's a natural shampoo with good ingredients

Spritz: Water, Soy & Canola Oil (its all i had), Aloe Vera Gel, & Vegetable Glycerin - Still tweaking the ratios but it's doing the trick for the most part

For now, this is what I use. I know it'll change in time because right now I', just trying to finish my old shampoo bottles.

Routine: Wash weekly with shampoo
Rinse (while in the shower) and spritz daily

That's it so far. Can't wait for my 1st re-tightening! Yay!

1st Week.. Yay!

It's been almost a week since I got started.

I began on Monday October 12, 2009. I did the braids myself. Some people number their starter locks, I however did not.. Lol.

One of the things I learned in my reading is that in the beginning, conditioner is the enemy leave ins especially, they cause buildup). Routines should be simple and everything needs to be kept clean.

As a loose natural I fell in love with my conditioner so this was a little hard for me to grasp but I gave it a try.

Surprisingly I've been spritzing daily and rinsing daily (in the shower) and I haven't missed the conditioner at all! I thought my hair would be super dry but it isn't.

Week one down, 100 million to go...

And So It Begins...

I JUST started my locking journey and decided to start this blog. Reasons? Well, there are many! 1st, I'm a braidlocker. There are a few blogs available with information out there but I found so few (even fewer that were current) that I figured there was a need for a current resource. 2nd, other than personal photo galleries, there are few documentations of what to expect in your first few years of locking. And the 3rd reason? I'm just excited! =) Stay tuned!