Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I May Like This...

It's been a few days since I cut back on spritzing and I've noticed a difference. No more unraveling issues.

I've also been wrapping my hair at night since Sunday which has helped it look fresher in the mornings. That's great because the "slept on" look was the reason I spritzed and rinsed so often.

I got rid of my moisturizing shampoos which was hard! And even HARDER.. I've given up the conditioner! Oye.. that's hard to even type! lol. *sigh*

I fought it, I argued about it, I hummed and hawed, but I know I'll appreciate it when I see my 1st real bud.

Oh, random.. but I DID see a psudobud yesterday and just about scared my roommate to death! I was so excited! As I was playing with my hair I noticed a braid that wouldn't come undone because of matted hair at the end! HA! Triumph!

1 down.. a million to go!


Felicia said...

I heard someone ask a lady who had beautiful locks, "what was the hardest part of locking your hair?" She said, "the first 7-8 months."
After I heard that, I decided to grit my teeth and be patient. Now 8 months later, I agree and I love my locks. Hang in there, time will pass faster than you think. The results will be beautiful!!!

Raxxie said...


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