Friday, February 11, 2011

Bringing Sexy Back: P90X - Round 2

Ladies (and gentlemen)! As you will remember if you read the blog last year, I started and fell in love with P90X. Then I slacked off and never mentioned it again #fail. Well I'm starting again!

I have 30lbs to lose. My goal is my birthday, May 9 2011! I wanna be fit! I wanna be healthy! And I will do it this time. Accountability is the key here. I have my motivators in my corner, I announce what I'm doing openly to the world so I have the accountability, I take pix everyday to see my progress as I go. I.AM.FOCUSED!

This summer I'll have a sexy beach body, mark my words!

I am going to post pix on fotki in my private folder so you can hit me up for the password if you'd like to see.

I also may post pix as I near my goal so we'll see! Super excited!


Starting Weight - 165 lbs
Current Weight - 165 lbs

Starting Measurements
Waist - 30"
Bust - 37.5"
Hips - 40"

Current Measurements
Waist - 30"
Bust - 37.5"
Hips - 40"

Starting Body Fat % - 29.54%
Current Body Fat % - 29.54%
Goal Body Fat % - 22%

Goal Weight - 135 lbs
Total Weight Lost - 0 lbs


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