Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Colored Tips

This is weird. As I sit in class and stare at my tips (lol, no I'm not lying) I notice that quite a few are going blond!

What???? Blond tips? It's strange. Some are a brown(ish) color, some more red, and a few are actually blond. This has never happened to me before, well, not that I noticed anyway..

Anyone else experience this? Any known causes????


Anonymous said...

The ends of your hair have been exposed to the sun for a while. Most likely, the sun 'dyed' your hair a while back and know you can see it :o).
It's common. Especially when I lived in Australia - the sun would bleach my hair.

Thandi said...

Yep.Join the club!My 3 yr old insisted for a while that it was dirty!Oxidation.I also had no clue what was going on till I also asked!SO unless you want to wear a hat everywhere you go, welcome to the world of sunbleached hair :)

Raxxie said...

huh.. that's interesting. i never thought i'd get sun bleaching in michigan! lol.. we don't see the sun for weeks at a time. thanks for the input tho ladies!!

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