Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting Ma Sexy On!

As I mentioned a little while back, my roommate and I are on our "Bringing Sexy Back" mentality this year.

Recently we started doing a program from called P90X.

I dunno if you'd ever heard of it but this workout routine is INTENSE!

I workout regularly and pretty strenuously, I thought. I was losing inches just doing my own thing but it was slow. I was definitely a lot stronger and could lift way more than I ever had before but I didn't see many changes in my appearance, not in the areas I want to see change anyway.

P90X is NO JOKE! I've done it for 3 weeks (barely, off and on) and I see things changing in my abs, arms, and shoulders. Those are my trouble areas. I fight with them and never see a thing change but after this workout for a pretty short time i see it!

Mad excited! Its a 90 day thing so I can't wait till I'm done.. its gonna be intense! I'll post pix and be all vain (lol).

Anyway.. I'm happy. More than just my hair is changing now.

Thanks for reading ladies and gentlemen!


Brown ButtahFly said...

Thanks for posting about P90X, I'm afraid of that DVD, lol. My DH has the series but I never got the chance to use it, I'll have to wait until after I have my little one. Don't forget to post your progress.

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