Thursday, December 3, 2009

1st Updo Attempt!

I fear that I need to protect my ends..

From last nappiversary to this coming one (next week) I see VERY little growth and that bothers me.

I've been told that it's likely just a matter of shrinkage (which makes sense) but I think I'll protect my ends nevertheless.

At first I decided to get out my satin scarves and wrap it up everyday to protect them but after more thought I remembered that hair can be styled up as well as down (lol.. duh).

So for the rest of the winter I'll be experimenting with updos and various other styles to keep my ends off my clothes.

Hopefully when it gets warm again my hair will have passed this awkward length.


jhavianicole said...

Also your hair may be in the resting grows about 6 inches a year on average but it does go through resting stages when it doesn't grow. If your hair is in fact in that stage, protective styling is an excellent idea to maintain the health and length of your hair while it is in this stage. Before you know it you will notice growth.

Raxxie said...

i hope so...

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