Friday, December 11, 2009


Hey everybody! Been a little while, sorry about that. Just finished exam week, and it feels so good!

Anyway, this will be short because not much has happened. Just letting you ladies know that I combined 10 of my locks. 3 in the back (where my hair is super straight) kept unwraveling. It drove me crazy because every time I washed, rinsed, or spritzed I had to redo them. So I combined them with adjacent locs. I twisted them together and knotted the ends. I hope they hold... they BETTER (lol).

I also combined 4, closer to the front because they were a little smaller than I realized.

Oh.. random piece of added info. Since I was getting slightly obsessed with retightening (I just LOVE how it looks after I retighten) I've made a vow to hold off till the new year. No more latching till January. Knowing me though, I'll probably do it on the 1st! Haha.. aww well.

Thanks for reading ladies!


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