Thursday, December 17, 2009

Everybody Buds?

That's the question I posted on last night. I had wondered because I'm a notorious lurker on and in looking at the journeys of many lockers I tend to see that softer textured napps don't have noticeable buds.

I thought that me, in my limited locking experience, was simply looking with an untrained eye. The answers I got on Nappturality pretty much confirmed my suspicions however, so I'm passing this info on to you ladies!

The verdict: Not everyone buds. It depends on your texture. I don't know how loosely textured you have to be to skip the budding step or how tightly coiled you have to be to see noticeable buds. I just find it interesting.

I'm in my third month now which means in the coming weeks (to the next couple months at most) I should be reaching the stage where I see some changes in my hair, including the emergence of buds (if I get them).

Thanks for reading ladies (and gentlemen, perhaps?). I shall indeed keep you updated from birth to maturity! If anyone has questions or suggested topics feel free to drop me a line! I love sharing what I know and looking up what I don't. Plus, I'd really like to interact with you ladies some more.

Take care, and have a GREAT holiday season!


Thandi said...

Hmm, didn't know that!I was a member of nappturality but when I tried to go on last week things had changed and I couldn't figure out how to log on again!Hmm.Thanks for sharing.I never thought about it, but though my hair budded, my daughter's hair didn't have any buds.

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