Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Nappiversary!!

Yesterday was my 2 year Nappiversary! It's so sad that I forget (month to month, and year to year). 2 years ago I decided I was tired of waiting for my hair to grow out the damaged ends so I cut them off.

(Before and After Shots)

That was a serious day (well, night actually) for me. My parents were not pleased but I knew why I had to do it. There was too much damage to correct and I wanted to find out what the REAL me looked like.

I played with it for a few weeks (maybe days, lol.. don't really remember) then because I was too insecure to really rock it put in braids. Then kinky twists for the next few months.

After those came out and I saw how much my hair grew it was a wrap! I went nuts for the rest of the year trying every style I saw till I fell in love with coils and braids. I wore those styles OUT! lol.

They brought me into 2009. I slacked off on the coils and stuck to braids mainly till I decided to solidify the relationship and make it permanent!

On October 12, 2009, I installed my last set of braids. Interestingly, my 2 month lociversary is the 12th and my 2 year nappiversary is the 13th! I guess I get bored towards the middle of the month and feel the urge to spice things up.

Today I stand before you on the cusp of my braidlock journey and I won't be looking back!

I have WAY more pictures on my fotki so feel free to check out my journey thus far. I love visitors.

Thanks for reading ladies!


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