Saturday, December 5, 2009

Musings #5 : To Wash Or Not To Wash??

In October and part of November I washed every week. I was used to wetting my hair often so it was natural to wash that often. Then I started reading in hair boards how baby lockers should refrain from washing too often.

After reading it in numerous places I decided to stretch the time between my washes. I ended up stretching it to 3 weeks (eww). I was overjoyed when I got to the end of that period because I was DESPERATE to wash my hair at that point.

It's been another few weeks since I've shampooed (though I have rinsed a few times). This time it wasn't a conscious effort but rather a lack of time due to finals (grr!). I've experienced the look and feel of my hair after using both regimens and I've decided to go back to weekly washes.

In the beginning my hair unraveled a lot because of the water as well as the moisturizing ingredients in my spritz and shampoo.

Since then I've changed my spritz and shampoo. My hair has also condensed a bit since then and no longer has an unraveling problem (save one tediously annoying loc at my nape). I think by this point I can stand to wash more often as long as I don't over moisturize. Cleanliness is next to Godliness as they say, so I'll err on the side of cleanliness.


Yahvinah said...

yeah i wash weekly, I couldnt imagine going longer than that again... But I dont use any moisture rich ingredients on my hair either. I think doing braid outs is doing something funny to my ends though!

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