Sunday, January 10, 2010


Water is a wonderful thing for a young locker!

Lately I've been rinsing every day and I swear, my progress has sped up! My hair looks to be doing it's thing in high(er) gear now!

I've done some research on the subject and have found that the results of daily rinses vary from person to person and from hair type to hair type.

Not everyone can accelerate the process by rinsing daily. But learning what works for you is about trial and error. I figure, it's worth the try.

This is also where your start method comes into effect. If you started with braids, sister/brother locks, interlocks, and possibly twists (2 or 3 strand) unraveling is likely to be far less than if you started with finger/comb coils or possibly backcombing (I know very little about backcombing). I see no unraveling anymore with my hair though I used to quite a bit in the beginning.

If you want to, I suggest you try it out and see how you like it!

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