Saturday, January 16, 2010

Suggestions For New Lockers - Part 1

This is a collection of wise tidbits I've gotten from locking veterans. These may not apply to every new locker as every head of hair is different but these are some basic rules that are generally followed and passed on:

1. Less is more - This goes for product, manipulation, and grooming for the 1st few months. Your new locks need time to settle

2. Avoid commercial moisturizers - Moisturizing shampoos, wash-out and leave in conditioners, thick/heavy oils, etc. This isn't necessarily forever but right after installation your babies are quite prone to slippage and unraveling. Also, avoiding the use of such products will minimize buildup. This also includes waxy products (bees wax).

3. Moisturize - Your hair needs moisture to be healthy so keep it moisturized. Water is the best moisturizer. Spritzing with water is a great way to maintain the moisture levels in your hair. If plain water isn't your cup of tea, a light carrier oil (like olive oil) and/or an essential oil (like peppermint) can be added for an easy to make daily spritz.

4. Keep it clean - Many will say that locks cannot/should not be washed for the first few months. I disagree STRONGLY with that concept. Dirty hair is gross and the longer washes are put off, the more buildup there will be to wash out later. Set up a regime of cleanliness and it will benefit you in the long run. Plus, some swear by frequent washes/rinses as a means of helping along the locking process (disclaimer: this (ie: rinsing speeding it along) varies from person to person and doesn't work for everyone).

5. Do NOT over tighten - Meaning not too frequently and not too tightly. Whether you twist, palmroll or latch this is SUPER important as you may lose locks later. Over tightening can cause weakening in locks which can cause them to break later on. Doing it too tightly can also cause pulling at the scalp which can lead to the loss of hairs at the root. Weak roots are a no no with locks as it can also cause the loss of the lock.

The basic consensus? Let them be, for the most part. Wash them, wet them and let them do their thing. Tighten them (if not freeforming) with accumulated new growth (about a month's worth). That's all. It doesn't have to be forever and these suggestions aren't set in stone. All hair will lock eventually. These are just tips for helping the process and keeping them healthy.

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps someone!



Brown ButtahFly said...

Great tips!

msfullroller said...

You are right on the money! Great post!

Raxxie said...

thanks ladies

nappy headed black girl said...

Excellent advice *thumbs up*

Points 4 & 5 can't be said enough! I am surprised by the number of people who are afraid to let water touch their hair. One girl I knew was told be her "loctician" not to wash her new dreads for 6 MONTHS!

If that ain't some nasty **** I don't know what is...

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