Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The look of love...

This is one of my favorite songs of all time! Yes, I'm a romantic. Guilty as charged. Although it's a cliche I am a firm believer in that look.

Haven't you ever seen it?

It's not something that you'll see terribly often when you're single but every once in awhile you find someone who is head over heels for you and.. there it is!

People can fake SO many things when it comes to love and relationships. We can tailor what we say. We dress a certain way. We curtail our behavior to make a good impression. But that look? You can't fake that look.

He buy you all types of beautiful, thoughtful, ooo and awww type things. He may take you places that you've always wanted to go (literally, you dirty minded people). He may appear to bend over backwards for you, get close tou your friends and family, brag about you in public, the whole shpeel. But if he NEVER looks at you with love in his eyes.. chances are his intentions are less that virtuous.

I know what B.S looks and sounds like. Trust me, I didn't always believe in the look myself. Then I saw it.

It was the end of a first date. Mr. Gentleman and I were about to part ways. He hugged me, said something (don't remember what), then he looked at me. OMG.. (insert girly sigh). That was the point where I knew his feelings were for real. I got chills.

This isn't a lustful stare. It isn't even something I can describe. The English language sadly, doesn't have adequate words to do it justice. But when you see it, you know it in an instant.

I'll say this again, he can't fake it. Neither can you. Sometimes we don't recognize it or ignore it because we don't expect it. I personally am a sucker for it. Lol, aww well.

He can act aloof and play it cool as we SO often do in the beginning, but once his guard is down and feelings get deeper be on the look-out for it. This doesn't mean that an aloof guy isn't an aloof guy. He could be, he could be uninterested. What I'm saying is this: if you're trying to figure out which he is, the look he gives you will give him away. You can only hold back so long.

Alright, I think I'll stop here.. I'm remembering a few too many looks, and non-looks.. lol..

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