Friday, January 15, 2010

One Product Challenge

My GOSH this has been an insane week! Almost got thrown out of school.. finances are NO JOKE! Thankfully God's not done with me yet. Amen.

Anyway, there's a lady on Nappturality that proposed a challenge. She challenged all who would join to use just one product. Not sure for how long, but I'm going to do it (for the most part) for the rest of my first year.

I've already seen the benefits of using nothing but my shampoo/natural soap. I rinse everyday in the shower and wash a couple times a week (since I work out a lot now) and I've seen progress.

Anyone who wants to join, PLEASE DO! If you can go without putting anything in your hair I suggest you do it. I couldn't go cold-turkey as you all know. I had to cut back slowly. Now I've let it go altogether and I actually like it. Go figure.

Now, the back of my hair is LOCKING! Woo hoo! The sides (edges) are doing their thing as well as well as by my temples.

People have told me that one day I'd look up and see a surge of change in my hair. They were right! I have some of those little balls of hair on my ends (a few). I've started losing the braid pattern on some of my locs. I'm so happy!

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